WP Cover Released!
August 8
Hi All! Thanks for the great support of my personal site & blog.  On a separate side note, about four months ago I started a secondary blog that focused on web development, entrepreneurship and W
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Mark Cuban Discusses What You’re Doing Wrong On Social Media
December 7
It always feels good when a respected billionaire and serial entrepreneur comes out and essential backs what we’re trying to do here at Two Way Resume.  In this article, Mark Cuban discusses ho
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New DolfinPack Promotional Video
July 21
Checkout this new video that was just released.  Learn more about DolfinPack at
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How The 40 Hour Work Week Was Invented
July 8
I read a very interesting article today in regards to the 40 hour work week and how we’ve all been programmed to live by it.  I was so intrigued, that I actually read it twice :).  I thought I
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