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We’ve re-invented the boring personal website. We’ve challenged the norms. No longer will you be stuck with plain black and white words on paper. We’ve combined the resume, portfolio, and blog into one awesome concoction that will solidify your online presence forever. No longer will you have to sweat over whether they’ll choose you or the other candidate, the answer is simple, the answer is you. Why? Because you’ve set yourself apart from the competition, you’ve proven you’re willing to go above and beyond to get that job, you’re willing to put in the extra effort.

Two Way Resume is a unique service that allows you to create your personal, individualized website featuring your resume, portfolio, blog & more to market yourself to the world. Our paid plans come complete with your own custom domain name (yourname.com) so you won’t be stuck handing out, “checkout my work at http://random.com/87sdhjsdg”. It’s time to put forth the extra effort but make it easier on yourself, sign-up for Two Way Resume today!